What can one person do to change the world? Come to the Trailblazers conference and find out!

Inspired by the indomitable 95-year-old Mother of Holistic Medicine and two other extraordinary trailblazers, you will discover how you can make a positive, lasting impact on the world around you. You will learn to:

  1. discover your own authentic path -- the one with passion

  2. identify the resources you need to create lasting, positive change

  3. overcome limiting beliefs and obstacles in your path

  4. utilize the tools and resources necessary to create lasting, positive change.

When you leave this conference, you will have everything you need to take significant, concrete steps in the coming month toward making your personal life, your community, and/or your world a better place.


Unlike most conferences where you just sit and listen, at “Trailblazers” you will actually begin creating a path in your life that matters and that is uniquely your own.

Blaze Your Own Path to a Better World

September 23 - 24, 2016